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Using fresh air which is water cooled, these systems can replace all the air in your house in a matter of minutes. Ideal for those with allergies, or those who just want fresh cool air.

Brivis make high performance evaporative coolers. Their specialty is units with sloping bases which offer the least obtrusive yet still extremely high performance solution; particularly sensible if you don't want to ruin the look of your home.

The performance of Brivis Evaporative Coolers is exceptional. The performance information is rated to the Australian Standards and is freely available. We dare you to compare -it's small wonder some manufacturers withhold this vital information!

Brivis's Trident Water Sensor is a splendid example of what advanced yet simple design can achieve. It reliably monitors the amount of water added to the cooler during operation. At the appropriate time Trident initiates a Running Refresh which ensures the cooler doesn't waste water unnecessarily yet as the name implies, is refreshed -so it can work more more reliably and efficiently.

Brivis Coolers are really smart; the Brivis is the only Evaporative cooler that automatically back-flushes the water tank when you turn it off it. It's left clean with little or no long-term baked-on sediment for you to scrub on a monotonous basis.

Once automatically cleaned it's a simple draining process which ensures your Brivis doesn't become a breeding ground for slime and mosquitoes. This "from factory Standard " feature is on the Brivis Evaporative Units we recommend for most home buyers. It's not a tacked on optional accessory which can unnecessarily waste water when your home doesn't need cooling.

Brivis coolers use the patented SynchroDrive pump. This super reliable waterproof pump even performs continuous self-diagnosis. If there is a problem it has the built-in intelligence to spin the opposite direction and automatically clear any debris. Combining the SynchroDrive pump with the unique Brivis Aqua-Duct ensures the pads are reliably soaked. Large channels and drain holes mean every pad is saturated evenly and quickly.

Brivis variable speed fan has a wide range of speeds -especially to give on a good nights sleep. The cooler can run much slower giving a really gentle, whisper-quiet breeze -in case you want cooling on those long hot summer nights.

These and many other unique features combine to make Brivis both highly effective and economical. Brivis coolers need less water and maintenance at every stage. Their well thought out design makes Brivis a more discreet, stronger, more reliable, healthier choice that won't literally "cost the earth".
Convenient intelligence -the best there is! Set and forget!

Brivis have several different models with different features to choose from; so you can choose the one which suits you best . Each model also has a good amount of choice in the strength of cooling available as well as three controller options and 5 colour choices. Why not talk to us about which will be the most suitable.

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