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Home Air Conditioning Domestic Variable Refrigerant System
Variable Refrigerant System PDF Print E-mail

This ultimate system can be installed in most homes.

Variable Refrigerant systems are our ultimate for energy efficiency and provide individual temperature control with greatest flexibility as to what areas are conditioned. Each area can have own temperature and only areas you want need to be run (up to the maximum designed for) are features that can be enjoyed immediately.

The initial cost means it’s not for everyone yet this premium system can mean huge long term savings for the family budget and less damage for the environment. Up to almost twice the energy efficiency means it’s not surprising these systems are rapidly gaining popularity with environmentally conscious families. Depending on the design & specification you could have from one area right up to your whole home comfortable with comprehensive independent temperature control; all this without being too big or too small for the everyday use..

We supply many brands including the popular, reliable and energy efficient Daikin, Mitsubishi Electric and Carrier equipment.

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