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Reverse Cycle PDF Print E-mail
Ideally suited for your home/office, this system gives you complete control over the climate, in winter and summer. Whole home or just 1 or a few rooms!

Reverse Cycle (or refrigerated) can make hot or cold air irrespective of the humidity of the day. It is a temperature control system that responds quickly and effectively. It can provide a very economical heat.

There are two main types of reverse cycle systems used in homes these days, split console & split ducted. In a split system, the noisiest component can be installed away from the area to be cooled as opposed to a “package” or “all in one unit” which is hardly used except in very rare circumstances due to noise and other limitations.

Split ducted systems are designed to give cooling and heating with the least inside noise and provide the most (even) coverage from a system of a given size. A ducted system will often provide comfort to more than 1 area at a time.

Split console systems are ideal for one or a few rooms include "wall splits", cassettes which are fitted nearly flush with the ceiling and other consoles which can be mounted closer to the floor or on a level ceiling.

Split Variable Refrigerant is a very modern & advanced type of system which can incorporate both Room/Split and/or ducted systems all running from the one outdoor unit. It offers potential for massive energy savings at the same time as much greater control and flexibility.

We supply many brands including the popular, reliable and energy efficient Daikin, Mitsubishi Electric, Carrier and Toshiba equipment.

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