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Reverse Cycle PDF Print E-mail
Ideally suited for your home/office, this system gives you complete control over the climate, in winter and summer. Whole home or just 1 or a few rooms!
Ducted Systems PDF Print E-mail
A Ducted System is a comprehensive solution and provides air conditioned comfort to a regulated temperature throughout new and existing homes.
Room/Split Systems PDF Print E-mail

A modern slim line unit can be less obtrusive and give you exact control over the temperature in any given room.

In a climate as diverse and demanding as ours, a temperature control system that responds quickly and efficiently is a good choice. The Split system could be the answer, simple to maintain and economical to run.

Variable Refrigerant System PDF Print E-mail

This ultimate system can be installed in most homes.

Variable Refrigerant systems are our ultimate for energy efficiency and provide individual temperature control with greatest flexibility as to what areas are conditioned. Each area can have own temperature and only areas you want need to be run (up to the maximum designed for) are features that can be enjoyed immediately.

Evaporative PDF Print E-mail

Using fresh air which is water cooled, these systems can replace all the air in your house in a matter of minutes. Ideal for those with allergies, or those who just want fresh cool air.

Central Gas Heating PDF Print E-mail

Flexible design solutions for warming your house. The ducting can be installed either under the floor, or in your roof, with an optional external unit. The only difference you will notice is the warmth of your home.